Master Security | Master Security│Nuestra experiencia es la base de su seguridad.
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Our experience is the base of your security

Master Security is an international security group, with civil and military experience developed in missions and large corporations for more than 25 years.

Our employees have participated in security projects in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East standing out for the international and multilingual profile of its staff. We develop throughout the world, through the different companies of the group, areas of work such as security and strategic consulting, private security, research and intelligence, special services in hostile zones, training, auxiliary services, Event security or strategic communication.

Currently, Master Security has offices in 3 countries, from which it operates for the entire world.

The mission of Master Security is to offer the highest level of quality in our security services.

Efficiency and quality are essential values ​​in the world of current security, reaching with them the improvement and optimization of the safety standards of our customers.

From our headquarters in Madrid we have designed an international logistics structure that allows us to adapt to the specific needs of our clients.

In our effort to offer our customers the highest quality, we have created a Selection, Training and Loyalty Plan for our employees.

Our HR policy is based on dedication and attention to employees, through a personalized treatment, which seeks the motivation of the worker as an essential step to obtain results.

We make a specific selection for each client, starting from a previous experience in the Armed Forces or the Security Forces of different countries, and continuing with a specific training designed for the needs of each client.

All our personnel are in possession of the necessary qualifications for the performance of the strictest legality, of the required functions.


Master Security is approved by the Ministry of the Interior, with a number of DGP and noted in the Register of the Central Private Security Unit of the General Directorate of the Police.


Master Security's business model incorporates state-of-the-art technology into all of the company's processes to offer a higher quality, efficient product at the best price.


Master Security works under strict parameters of excellence in the provision of services, ensuring a wide range of solutions designed for the particularities of each client.


Master Security has an international logistics structure that allows it to adapt to the specific needs of each client with an efficiency and quality necessary in the current security world.


We know that it is not easy to place your own safety in the hands of other people. Discretion is a constant in our protection services. We currently provide services to many of the corporations, personal fortunes and international leaders throughout the world.

The internationalization of the businesses are covered by our services, so that both at the point of departure, travel and arrivals. Our teams are ahead of your needs. A prior analysis of your risks and vulnerabilities will allow you to anticipate any situation and to minimize or neutralize any incident.











Security Guards



With a high technical knowledge, our guards are duly trained to develop access control activities, surveillance with attention to the Public, radioscopy, patrols, management of control centers and protection of strategic facilities.


With more than eight years of experience in the sector, we have covered all the needs that your companies may require. We make it possible for you to focus your efforts on the organizational part. We understand Event Security as a forecast and rarely as a reaction. All our events are coordinated by enabled Directors They take care of all your Security and Coordination needs with the competent Authorities.

Anti-piracy. We fight piracy, by strengthening the enforcement of copyright and related rights.

Seguridad en Eventos

Security in Events


Servicios VIP

VIP Services

The perfect balance between the effectiveness and the necessary space of the artists is the hallmark of our teams

  • Intelligence
  • VIP Transports
  • VIP Protection
  • Logistics on the move
  • Risk Analysis
  • Security in communications






Our concept of global protection aims to:

  • Integrate security systems and subsystems in the strategic management of your company.
  • Develop the organizational, human and technological aspects of the Protection Systems.
  • Get integrated and comprehensive protection of your company.
  • Train the Directors in the necessary procedures for the optimization of the Global Security Policy.
  • Contemplate Global Security, not as an expense, but as a necessary investment and therefore with a quantifiable ROI.
Protección Global

Global Protection


Maritime Security

Seguridad Marítima

Maritime Security

We can place our experts anywhere in the world, employing only professionals with extensive previous experience, both in military units and police forces from different countries with multicultural experiences.

Our Maritime Protection services

• Ship protection equipment and consulting.
• Bridge safety.
• Protection during navigation.
• Security systems for navigation.
• Risk analysis.



Immediate Reaction

Master Security is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Therefore, we can take control of any incident in real time, in any place where it occurs, through our Emergency Control Center (ECC). You can request and expand information by sending us an email to:




  • Phone: +34 91 691 36 84



  • Adress:
    28320 – MADRID – ESPAÑA



We have successfully passed the certification audit of the Standard ISO 9001, guaranteeing the control of the services it provides seeking to continuously satisfy the needs of the clients and focusing their actions towards improvement.

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